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According to Countryaah, Slovenia has a population density of 104 residents per km 2. The largest concentration is found in the country's northeastern parts. About 55 percent of the population lives in cities, of which the capital Ljubljana (280 300 residents, 2017) and Maribor (94 900) are the largest. Of the country's population, 83 percent are Slovenes.

Religion and Languages of Slovenia


The official language is the South Slavic language Slovenian, which is the mother tongue of about 88% of the population. There are also Slovenian-speaking minorities in Austria, Hungary and Italy. Hungarian, Italian and Romani are recognized as regional or minority languages according to the Council of Europe's language statute. Slovenian is also recognized as a regional or minority language in Austria and Hungary and has some protection in Italy.


A large part of the population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church (with its Archbishop's seat in Ljubljana). There are also Protestants, a Serbian Orthodox church and a number of Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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