Special Occasion Dresses Patrizia Pepe

Romantic special occasion dresses by Patrizia Pepe for 2016 will not go unnoticed the long dress in pastel, but not even the classic sheath dresses that wrap softly the silhouette and emphasise your curves. A collection to discover!

Among the collections of gowns 2016, to Patrizia Pepe is without doubt one of the most versatile and offers a wide choice that goes beyond formal occasions, with look perfect even for the day or special occasion dresses less challenging, ideal for weddings taking place in location a little alternatives. It is a line designed for an enterprising woman who loves to enhance their femininity in very different ways, going from a long dress to a very short without flinching. Continue reading

Special Occasion Dresses Carlo Pignatelli

Romantic special occasion dresses to Carlo Pignatelli for 2016 will not go unnoticed the floral dresses and pastel tones, which have always characterized the collections of the brand. Between asymmetric cuts and funky, and classic models, here are the best of the new collection of Pignatelli for special occasions.

Special processes, fresh and definitely sober, if we were to do a comparison of the new collection of special occasion dresses to Carlo Pignatelli 2016, and the new line of wedding dresses, which has already been a success despite the particularity of cuts, colours and finishes. Continue reading

Cardio Watch For Woman

Play sports and eat healthy to stay healthy, it is a principle we often hear and nothing is more true.Only however great motivation for sport is often slow to take action because of some questions: what sport practice, how many times a week, especially at what intensity. Yet the effectiveness of these exercises depends largely on the answers to these questions.

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Wearing a Bra

If you must wear a bra, choose without whales and wide enough to not be too tight. Try wearing your bra as little as possible and massage your breasts once you have released them. In any case, you should sleep with your bra. If you are worried to leave pointing your nipples, (amazing even when we agree to see bra straps or a push-up, but not nipples!), try to wear a tank top under your shirt, for example. And anyway, it’s far from the end of the world!

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Why We Should not Wear Bra

What dream women? I realize that for many of them, their secret dream during the day is to think about what they can do as soon as arrivals at home: drag the hands in the back, approaching them naked skin and catch the clip of their bra. And… to remove it! Let their free breasts! They can swing without restriction, as they want. Phew, what a feeling of freedom! But I wonder if bras are annoying, and even if uncomfortable, why so many women wear them them every day? Why the impression of discomfort and the feeling of constraint are signals that we completely ignore?

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Jogging Pants in Style

Symbol of the stylistic slick by excellence, now become a bias mode, the track pants now assumes is in town… with a few small precautions however.

Since the time that we wanted to do with impunity: the jogging in the city, Chick? To fetch the croissants in the morning, too easy. For brunch with friends, it’s starting to get a little dangerous. And to go to work? What a strange idea. And yet.

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Best Swimwear for Small Breasts

With the arrival of the hot season before the girls with small tits faces the problem of choosing a swimsuit. Because you want to look most attractive, proportionate and flatten disadvantage derived from nature. Moreover, it is no secret that all small bust anyway, aims to visually increase it. Today, designers offer such a wide choice of models is that this problem is almost solved. A stylists in turn help choose appropriate option and advise what swimsuits are suitable for small breasts.

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Poppy Delevingne Fashion Style

If you are black lovers do as the English socialite Poppy Delevingne wearing an all-black look with a touch of fluorescent color.

English socialite Poppy Delevingne, with his style defined by her eclectic, always shows perfect for every occasion and society life event so much to be photographed-perhaps not as much as the little sister, the lovely Cara Delevingne-for providing clean look as in this case, where the model has chosen to wear a fluorescent jacket on a total black look. Black leather pants on classic shoe with a black tank top worn under a turquoise jacket. Accessory only: two large dangling earrings that enhance the face.

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Snow Boots How to Choose

How to choose snow boots. Some are nice but not very comfortable or easily ruin. But above all: leave at home the shoes with heels!

Until it snows seriously and leaf through the pages of “snow boots” on some web site, all models seem to be fine. It is when in fact there are more than a foot of snow outside the door, that we understand what the real requirements that a shoe has to have, to be comfortable in these climatic conditions. Ricapitoliamoli, since these last weeks we have refreshed the memory.

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