When Is Cosmetics Vegan?

A vegan life for most at least, means that you banned in particular animal products from his diet. Veganism is but also a mindset for me, and I make no distinction between animal ingredients on my bread and butter, or in my face cream.

I would venture to say, that one or other of you with their body lotions or perfumes would consider entirely different eyes, if they knew which animal substances are behind the a or hide other complicated term in the summary. There’s also supposedly harmless substances such as beeswax or milk constituents, but then again the amniotic fluid of mammals or animal nerve tissues. This should not be a script for the next horror flicks, but on those knowledge base, which would like to rely on herbal and synthetic cosmetics. If a cosmetic product is vegan, can answer following questions: Continue reading

Tom Ford Boys & Lips II – the Country Needs 25 New Men

As smart but this Tom Ford once again was when he shook the thing with the lipsticks named after man’s names out of the sleeve. Once he ran 25 of his boys on the lips of the female world and now he throws the next round. Tom Ford Boys & lips II – mega men for all, so to speak. 25 more top coloured boys in a mini format handbags are of, which were named after male persons who crossed the path of the Couturier and influenced him. We are most speculate. This time with, inter alia: the Jew (law?), the Eddie, the Roman (Polanski?), Ansel (xoxo), the Roberto (which of course blank) or the Drake – MOMENT, DRAKE?

Yes exactly, also Mister hotline bling with a bling bling Sergio sound in the Hall of Fame made it and may be classified into the sexy lipstick gang. He could go to even buy it, actually now: do we imagine that times just community, how the Drake in the kadewe department store or Operpollinger pure dancing, of the Tom Ford counter apply the “DRAKE” can be and are on high-quality ingredients soya bean extract, Brazilian Murumuru butter or Chamomile flower oil informed – awww, the type can be simply not sweet or? Continue reading

Advent Calendar Door #9 The Limited Oriental Nights Wellness Package Of Ritual With Fragrance Extra

Think i am crazy, but my half bathroom inventory comes from ritual, probably because i put my home always with certain scents in conjunction and the products inspired by oriental tradition of the single home & body specialists around the world particularly well do my nose and the soul. Now i have a weakness for the smell of mhyrre and cocoa also for a long time, so it seems like limited edition had ritual with the new winter oriental nights looked in the head, the collection that combines both. Inspired by the mysteries of the bedouin, that herbs and spices guide of the sun and stars through the warm fragrant desert allow, we are spoiled this time with all kinds of ingredients from the far east. And because i know that you can treat yourself like much too little rest, we’re giving away a complete today oriental nights wellness package to you. I’m a bit jealous, in the most positive of all the senses, of course, because the limited edition includes quite a few relaxation helpers, including calming effect: Continue reading

Nail News – Anny Led One Step… Ready! In The Test

Heard from her hungry Lackaffen, there is again something new. ANNY has started just a small revolution in the Polish market: ‘ LED one step … Ready! “is the latest prank, which 30 seconds with the help of LED Licht hardens and then set flashes on the finger and shines and Aur. So anyway, the theory – we have one step ready tool kit tried.

But let’s just rewind: we’re talking about nail polish for the impatient Pookums among us who wish to bring their nails in tip-top condition while they lubricate fully the breakfast sandwiches with jam. The focus is quite clear: speed nails in perfection. So. But now:

And here the hard facts?

Dry in 30 seconds tip top without base coat without topcoat a smooth nail surface keeps hot until 7 days shines as 1000 stars in the firmament casts gel kess scratch-resistant in 30 colors Continue reading

In The Mood For: Festive Sparkle & Applying The Right Fat

“What depends on my child’s doing in your hair?” – “It’s only my gold plated tiara” – will I sing my dear Grandma this year like counter table and Christmas goose. When in the year you can else without having to feel overdressed? And if the daylight maximum there can it hold only until 15:15, to go then fluent in the night, other items for the elucidation of the mind must hold. For centuries, it is therefore moral and only smart houses festive with lights, garlands, and lava lamps to the light to bring. Continue reading

Travel & Beauty Nike And Scalamari In London On A Visit To The John Frieda Salon

In the morning, a plane takes off 7: 00 after London Heathrow and puts a great griping in my left ear: “I’m Sari, so scared, my hair – he can cut them too short – we have to tell him, yes?”. With “It” Nike thinks Jane Andreas wild, senior stylist at John Frieda, who has hair-technical in charge at the London Salon and with which we will now have a spontaneous date – but only after our Jane Wayne Meeting Marathon in the heart of the United Kingdom on the stage is installed. Only the work, then the pleasure so to speak. I tätschle the uptight on chicken next to me anyway, soothing over his head: “the guy is a full professional, which will already know what he’s doing”.

One day we are there: London at Christmas time, this is always a very skillful. You will be picked up euphoria really nice, Delfino a and moved to candied anticipation. Continue reading

Review of 2015 the 20 most Beautiful Beauty Stories

You chat about their favorite beauty piglets of the month, definitely has not the paint, is too bad for a test of this world, and raves about Schminki topics so passionately like no one else in my circle of friends: Scalamari Jane, I still thick tears cheek tumble at the thought of your Bikram Yoga article, really true. Our beauty-fee is our Jane expert in terms of Beautifier for almost two years and since then ensures the necessary dose of comforting and Schminki frills, for the great laughs and triple wink. And don’t worry: it also 2016 absolutely nothing will change:

Of Eyelash extensions, intimate excursions, personal confessions, dangerous diet trends, serious themes and prevention reminders were by 2015 all what our beauty heart beat had. Reason to look enough, yet go back and fish out your favorite beauty stories for you.  Continue reading

The Thing With The Mental Derangement

Since a few days it feels, as you would put you under a glass Bell. The world turns in slow motion and small small thoughts, which begin play in the head, is tie lost to fizzle at the end. The skull as a playing field, in which the brain sloshing back and forth and feels plenty useless. You can see and experience, and come out of your mouth words that you yourself do not understand. Sometimes you feel like, you’re empty thought. Whenever sleep goes the mind from exhaustion.

Is the cold air that meanders to the other by an ear, or who knows these hypocritical inner voice, which merely yearns for attention. You stare at the wall and try to listen to you, but find no beginning and certainly no end. The meaning was lost somewhere between reality and Utopia, between doubt and confidence and you’re in the Middle, while the white wallpaper begins to crush you. Because everyday with existential blends, because questions waiting for answers and you will never understand why what you have is not enough. If you know what you want, you want it today and tomorrow it is you don’t care about and then you wake up and scream, because you realize what your step with feet. This is the insanity, it’s the devil on his shoulder, the crap in my head that always oozes out of your eyes when you get scared. Before the gap between change and finality. Both, at the same time. You’re the tightrope walker between stagnation and hedonism. Want both or nothing. You will experience so often, fill every day, sleep little, because too much happened. Then you sit and count sheep, are satisfied and happy in the miniature Cosmos of coziness. Never, everything is perfect. Something is always missing. Loud or quiet? Make up your mind not, as long as you don’t have to. Continue reading

Sarah Jane’s Hair Schopf: What’S Next?

It is actually always the same: my fluff on the head are alternately for boredom or acute frustration and i decide a radical cut. Twice i had so far grater short my hair cut full of anticipation, to already again shortly thereafter to be in a grumpy mood. Not so sits, how i had imagined like this, the personal, to let the hair grow so i decide to do so again this verdict finally. I then stumble upon images from brave, i think however again about the cut, so, as i had forgotten this feeling again shortly after the decision. A vicious, i tell you. And so is just this time: so stupid the pixie doesn’t looked like, or what do you think?

A third time will not be probably still for the time being: the whining i can now really don’t ever do to my circle of friends and family, would probably be throwing the hands over the head with law and declare me crazy. Continue reading

The Thing With The Lost Principles

Doubt ache in your tense shoulders, slice squashed your forehead and shred the brain. Whenever your life smells like security, after arriving and sweet confidence. When the road smiling at friends, instead of friends in the face to beat. Worry, head on. And then everything else. Rather than to supplant as usual, looking after the crack in the facade, the hook, because you don’t have time. You breathe in and breathe out, everything is good, as long as you’re you. But what are you? Are you good or evil?

When you were a kid, you have abhorred them. The large people with their bigger heads, with the harsh words and superfluous phrases. Today, you’re one of them, talk too much unimportant, not enough important more than is healthy and less than you should. Your voice squeaks when you talk to children as a puppy would be in front of you. As if they were stupid, these little creatures. While they understand much more often from life as you. Continue reading

Controversial Editorial:”Lost In Translation” – Wrong Homeless In The Antidode Magazine

Currently, Germany has nearly 2.8 million unemployed. There no longer are so many decades in the United States. The bitterness of this reality seems the French magazine “antidote” but not stopping, to creating fun such living conditions as the inspiration for a fashion editorial. Styleite.com shows outraged if this tactless dealing with sad, but yet existing social circumstances. Right to?

The fashion world knows no limit, provocation is part of everyday business: whether children models, which with much makeup and curlers lovely faces of vermeindlich 20 years conjured up or “thickness „, under the title “tons of fun” as of course are displayed. As well as no one seems to be shocked by such degree hiking. Deadening a explain, others dealing with extremes by the ruling maybe dearth in less harmful climes – it has been just about there. Must but still she next possible boundary be exceeded? Must everything be radical even to stand out? Obvious. Because we at this point had not reported on a series of photographs it finally – it seems so go on this concept. Continue reading

The Thing With The Doubters Who Are Never Really Happy

There are people that are never really happy. Because they are looking for the fly in the ointment, because they can not let go and scared before the fall. If it goes well, it can be worse. If it is bad, it will be no more better.

So someone is my friend A.. A perhaps not only is this a person, are we all. Or at least many of us. Who is B, lucky.

Is my name, my age doesn’t matter. I live, because I have to. I like to come here, but it could be better. That everything will be good, I don’t believe. Sooner or later everything will collapse and then I’m the one who has right.

It’s all bad, but I’m getting a bit worse. I must endure myself, my thoughts, the chaos heart and brain. I’m the girl with the grey shade. If I’m not careful He slays me. It doesn’t matter where I go, no matter who is with me and for how long. I am myself. Until this a moment in which everything revolves and applies, in which all of a sudden everything is dark. The world that I’m experiencing is formed into a black hole in the belly of a crater that swallowed all my feeling and digested it, until it swells as thoughts crap out of my ears. I’m worried. Always. Continue reading