The 10 Most Beautiful Autumn Looks of the Stars

Celebrity ladies like Olivia Palermo (28), Blake lively (27), Victoria Beckham (40) are often a styling step ahead us in terms of trends. Our site shows the ten most important autumn looks with star appeal – to do and Nachshoppen!

1st Bordeaux-complete look

Elegant and warm at the same time: Olivia Palermo (28) Bordeaux – fall classic – bears from head to toe. She missed the noble factor their casual turtleneck with pencil skirt, statement necklace and pointed heels. Extra tip: When it gets colder like a Claret pantyhose to style Continue reading

This Lingerie Angels Are Too Skinny

The current “Victoria’s secret”-campaign in the advertise super thin models under the slogan “The perfect body” for a new line of BRA, heated tempers. After numerous protests on Twitter an online petition urges now the U.S. lingerie manufacturer, to apologize and to rethink the marketing strategy.

That “Victoria’s secret” can be presented from his sexy underwear only by slender models, (26) or Alessandra Ambrosio (33) is known – even though most of the women is not nearly as look like Candice Swanepoel. But the latest promotional poster of the laundry label under the name of “The Perfect Body” outraged customers. So the General displeasure spread this campaign a false image of women. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Buy Now Knee High Boots!

Long fell into oblivion, but now they are making a giant comeback: knee-high boots. Time for the fashion-winter our site explains the trend and reveals how to wear it.

Who would have thought that? After last winter Overknees have triggered a surprising hype, a true classic is available this season on our must-buy list: knee-high boots. The most striking feature is, as the name suggests, that it ends just below the knee. In addition to the classic model, flat and made of black leather, the boots presents itself now frequently in the 60ies – and 70ies style with a rounded tip and block heels. It is but also in the spitzer form of 80ies, with lace, metallic or fringe. Especially bright leather tones are new, they did to particularly it us. How to the coolest styles models? Here the five most important rules: Continue reading

These Necklines Are Doppel-D(iamanten)

On December 2, when the “Victoria’s secret”-Engel to London via the catwalk hover, there will be a double surprise: for the first time, the million-dollar fantasy bra is presented by two sexy Angels!

This year’s Victoria’s secret event is absolutely steeped in history for the manufacturer of the hot panties! Thus, the sexy lingerie show for the first time in New York, but in London takes place. Also the fantasy bra, glittering highlight of each show is presented this time by two angels. Continue reading

Heidi’s Hot Panties

Now you can wear Heidi Klum (41) Bras, panties & string Tangas. Together with the New Zealand lingerie manufacturer Bendon, Germany’s model-MOM now has her first own lingerie collection called Heidi Klum intimates designed – and Elle MacPherson (50) that snapped a 25 year-old million dollar deal!

Model, MOM, presenter, shoe designer, face: What can Heidi Klum not really? Oh, Yes, their own Underwear line’s need the multimedia entrepreneur. Until now – in New York Klum has presented their lingerie collection now selected journalists: Heidi Klum intimates. Continue reading

5 Things You Need to Know about Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is 30 years old – and the high fliers of the fashion world. From 6 November depends on his cool fashion for the Swedish textile chain H & M. Our site explains what makes the most important designers of the world “Alexander the great”.

On 6 November, the collection of Alexander Wang x H & M coming in the branches. The fashion scene is snake head joy, fans probably already. Finally apply for years as stylish and trend-showing – his collections and Wang as the world’s most important young designers. You don’t know the young American designer of Taiwanese origin yet? Then it is high time! Continue reading

Anna Wintour Will Be Honored with Fashion Award

On 3 November, Anna Wintour celebrated her 65th birthday. But this gift will they appreciate: “British fashion Awards”, she is honored for her life’s work.

Like every year, the most important British fashion Awards, the British fashion Awards, held in early December in London. In addition to best designers an outstanding person is honored this year: Anna Wintour. The “Vogue” Paakkanen receives an award for her fashion lifetime achievement “Award for outstanding achievement”. Continue reading

Scandal Bloggers Turn Video on Child Labour

The Blogger David Kurt Karl Roth and Jakob Haupt are missing at any fashion party. For “Dandy Diary” stage in the most popular fashion brands, corners with various actions again and again. So they not also jump on the hype around the new “Alexander Wang x H & M”-collection, publish instead a video that supposedly shows how children sew the collection. The message is clear. But with their action, powerful embarked the two bloggers on the garden path.

At first glance, everything seems clear: sitting in a small factory small boys on sewing machines and work in a slum in the Indian capital Mumbai. None of them is older than fourteen. The camera zooms in on one of the boys, who sews the label “Alexander Wang x H & M” in a black piece of clothing. Children work at H & M? This would be a scandal for the Swedish fashion company. Continue reading

The Olsen Twins Make Cheap Jewelry Now

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate are known (28) and Ashley (28) than children series stars and now as serious designers of their luxury fashion line the row. Now they design beautiful jewelry, even mortals can afford.

Who needs already exclusive fashion, if one can enhance his outfit with beautiful accessories? The Olsen twins have “AMK x SM” in cooperation with the American brand “Style Mint” a jewelry and accessory collection for the small money launched, that is as stylish as her luxurious–and expensive–collection of the row. Continue reading

How Do I Find the Perfect Sports Bra?

A good sitting bra for women is the most important piece of clothing at the sport – no matter how big or small is the bosom. It pulls, pushes and tweaks? We reveal what is in the ideal workout bra.

Can you still remember the slogan, campaigned with the tennis player Anna Kournikova (33) for a sports bra? “Only the ball should bounce”, it was said in it. Women who train a lot know the problem: without proper bra can sports be really uncomfortable and hurt in the long run even the bosom. We made the 10 most important questions to Sports Bras Fitness Trainierin Kerstin Kaspar: Continue reading

Orange Is the New Black!

The color orange is one of the most important trends for this autumn. And in contrast to the eternal black makes also has really good mood. Our site reveals five styling tips, pay attention.

1 orange to neutral colors combine
Ever knalliger that the colors of the other outfits should be orange, the more discreet. Best: shades of grey or muted white, natural colors such as khaki and beige. Please no black! Thus, the Orange look would be not elegant, but ravig. Tip: If you want to stand with the already flashy color not quite in the Center, you wear orange at the base, for example a white Cashmere Turtleneck to the Orange mini skirt in A form. The closer Gets a color on the face, the effect is stronger. Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret Fly Away the Angels

For the football outfit in which the model Cara Delevingne (22) last about the “Victoria BB´s secret” catwalk floated, there was great applause. This year she still no longer is. She is not the only one, even Toni Garrns (22) participation has not been confirmed. Are the models better at the end?

Ball loss to CARA Delevingne

Just ran with the rounds over the square, but this time the angels can not play with them. But perhaps Cara Delevingne runs anyway prefer for Uncle Karl BB´s pre-fall show for Chanel?

Kendall Jenner is no Angel!

Even though she was easily looks good, the little sister of Kim Kardashian may not line up in the crowd of angels

Continue reading