How to Choose the Right Maternity Bra

Woman during pregnancy varies. Not only the character and sides, but especially the breasts. At the beginning of pregnancy, women tend to pay attention to the first changes most often happens between the sixth and eighth week of pregnancy. Breasts and nipples begin to grow and breast veins become more prominent. Breast accompanied by hormonal changes throughout pregnancy but also after birth and during breast-feeding. Expect therefore that you’ll have to buy a bigger bra, usually one or two sizes.

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Chiffon Pleated Mini Skirt

Here is one of the trend for the summer 2016: trousers and pleated skirts for the warm season for sophisticated looks and fresh that will make you perfect in every occasion!

The pleats are among the trends the coolest summer 2016 and is applied by designers on the entire wardrobe, so as to give the leaders a jaunty and sophisticated allure : a touch lightly pleated offering class and movement to any look!

From the most formal to the more casual the outfit with pleated garments are all stunning: jumpsuit dresses, skirts, trousers, and shirts will have that extra oomph that will characterize the most of your summer look.

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